Consulting Services

EDGE Complete Water Management provides a comprehensive range of Consulting Services that allow industries to outsource many aspects of their plant requirement which include;

  • A Legal Requirement – Preparing Now to manage future scenarios

    It’s critical in the operation of cooling towers and water delivery systems and Victorian Legislation that the success in minimising the risks associated with Legionella is prepared, reviewed, and audited annually.  EDGE’s extensive experience in Legionella risk management has enabled us to develop specific products, gain expertise and implement the logistical measures necessary to prevent and minimise outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease. We believe the key to our success lies in our capacity to proactively manage scenarios likely to cause issues, prior to them ever occurring.

    Legionella risk management for cooling tower systems and water delivery systems, includes registration of cooling tower systems and auditing for cooling tower systems. The applications that this information applies to are provided below

    • Cooling tower system managers and operators
    • Land owners and property and facility managers
    • Hospital and aged care facility engineers
    • Car wash operators.

    The following documents relating to legionella risk management are available to download:

    Refer to the website for additional information

  • Full Remote Webserver Connectivity.

    Superior Monitoring & Control

    • World Leading Control for Critical Systems.

    • Fully adjustable 24/7 Alarming via SMS & email to multiple contacts.

    • Full Remote Manual Operation of Pumps & Settings from any Laptop in the World!

    • Real Time Data Logging of ALL parameters allow never before seen optimization of dosing.

    • Delivers Visible Chemical Consumption Improvements & Increased performance

  • Water is becoming an ever increasingly scarce resource.  The old axiom that ‘you cannot manage what you cannot measure’ is very true in implementing water efficiency programs. Being able to measure where the water is being used through the installation of additional sub-meters and data loggers is the fundamental foundation of every successful water efficiency program.

    EDGE will work consultatively with our customers developing their WEMP (Water Efficiency Management Plans) and WaterMAP to review and evaluate water conservation efforts and adopt best practice measures.

    EDGE has been involved with a number of water re-use, recycle and water minimisation projects that include the following:

    Typical Projects

    • Rainwater harvesting saving 60% on cooling tower make-up and boiler water feed.  (A 1m2 area of roof area will produce 1 litre of rainwater for every 1mm of rain.)

    • Upgrading chemical treatment programs on cooling towers promoting higher cycles of concentration saving 8% water usage and chemical savings.

    • Benchmarking water usage with like industries to promote and drive change introducing a culture of continuous improvement.

    • Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment of cooling tower bleed for other re-use applications including process and cleaning.

    • Involved in managing cooling towers and steam plants using Tertiary Treated Effluent (TTE) as a make-up source.

    • Identifying applications to substitute high quality water with lower (appropriate) quality water.

Utilising EDGE’s Consultancy Services will provide your company with 100% peace of mind.