Evaporative Condensers

Many industries use evaporative condensers as part of their refrigeration system and are widely used because they are more energy efficient than air-cooled refrigeration systems.  Effective water treatment is necessary for reliable and efficient operation of refrigeration systems.

The water related problems that occur in an evaporative condenser can be broadly classified as:

  • Deposits / Scale
  • Microbiological Growth
  • Corrosion

Recommended Water Chemistry Guidelines for Passivation are strongly adhered to us. EDGE guarantees it’s want to ensure new condenser tubes are protected face is newly installed. We adopt strict protocols & demonstrate performance during for 3-6 months of it’s commissioning

The replacement cost for a condenser coil for an average sized evaporative condenser compromised by white rust can be around $50,000.  If the entire evaporative condenser needs to be replaced, the cost is around $140,000.  These costs do not include installation or freight costs.  The life expectancy of a well-maintained evaporative condenser should be at least 20 years.