Steam Generating Boilers

The objective of all boiler programs is to ensure a safe reliable economic source of steam through maintaining boilers deposit free and preserving the integrity of boiler feed and condensate lines.

    • Best quality boiler feed water and maximising condensate returns.
    • Removing dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide to minimise potential steam and condensate line corrosion.
    • Maintaining boiler water quality in specification at all times
    • We know that once the boiler feed and condensate lines come into specification the boiler really looks after itself.

    EDGE pays particular attention to BW pre-treatment whether it is zeolite softening, reverse osmosis & or demineralization. We always monitor pre-treatment equipment & work with our customers to apply any corrective actions if problems develop.

    EDGE works to ensure our customers focus on the major cost centre in boiler plant operation – that is energy use.

    • Insulating deposits on Boiler tubes require extra energy to maintain plant steam requirements.
    • Low-temperature boiler feed water in plant without DA requires additional energy to produce steam, consider BFW & Blowdown water heat exchange
    • Iron as corrosion product returning to BW from unprotected steam & condensate lines form deposits that insulate boiler tubes
    • Diligent steam trap & condensate management are required to return best quality water back to boiler for reuse as BFW.
    • Fouled combustion side water or fire tube reduces boiler efficiency.

    EDGE provides leading edge technology for boiler water systems up to 120 bar. Treatment options include chelant, phosphate – polymer and coordinated phosphate. These available technologies used in conjunction with a wide selection of dispersants, oxygen scavengers and return line treatments will ensure safe, efficient boiler system operation.

    Our Technical Specialists will work with your team to select and implement the most effective program centred on meeting your environmental goals, reducing your operating costs, and keeping you on the “cutting edge” of technology.

    We will work with you to develop joint process improvements that will optimise operating efficiency and save on operating costs.